Noah McEntire- Industrial Maintenance Student of the Month

Noah applies himself to tasks in class, he is a leader, and he is always willing to help his classmates.

- Mr. Wallen- Industrial Maintenance

Ana Kenney- Automotive Student of the Month

Ava is a great student and hard worker. She is stays on task and is always ready to learn and always willing to help her fellow classmates out

- Mr. Ryan- Automotive

Kelsie Burden- Aviation Student of the Month

Kelsie is always willing to help other students and look for the "next step" in our problem solving skills. She is a great student. She attended a Pilot Ground School during the early summer at Bowman Airport and wants to fly for Delta Airlines in her future.

- Mr. Dickson- Aviation

Lukas Grace- Masonry Student of the Month

Lukas is an energetic and driven student. He is eager to learn and is always involved in class discussions. He is always willing to lend a hand in class.

- Mr. Light- Masonry

Welding Student of the Month

Draven comes in and practices every day to get his stick welding certification.

- Mr. Benet- Welding

Carpentry Student of the Month

Nalani is a first year Carpentry student who has excelled in everything she has been asked to do. Her willingness to learn will will be a great asset for her throughout life. Nalani will be ultra successful in everything she commits to!

- Mr. Jackson- Carpentry

Electrical Student of the Month

Bri is in Skills USA, is dedicated to the class and shows up even when she is not feeling well. She has been a spokesperson for the Chamber of Commerce and is involved in our Project Based Learning.

- Mr. Ashford- Electrical