NBHS Cheer

Congratulations to our North Bullitt High School (NBHS) Cheerleaders for achieving the 2023 National Title! The team ended the National Finals with a score of 92.2 overall, of which 34.5 of 35 was the cheer itself. This is the first-ever National Title for North Bullitt Cheer (NBC). 

“After our kids hit their first two stunt sequences in the National Finals, we knew they would feed off that energy and keep going,” said Destiny Watson, Coach. “They absolutely killed the cheer… The arena was electric and our cheerleaders fed off that.”

Achieving the team’s first-ever National Title is particularly impressive in its own right, but it’s even more impressive since the team had pivoted from their usual routine. Typically, NBHS Cheer focuses more on tumbling, which is a discipline related to gymnastics, and has a reputation for having some of the best tumbling in the state. In the middle of this season, the team moved to the Super Large Non-Tumble division, which includes more stunts than tumbling. Stunts display a team’s skill or dexterity, and include everything from building pyramids to high-flying basket tosses and more. Since shifting the focus to stunts this season, NBC began learning Super Elite stunt skills, such as hand-to-hand pop throughs, and ultimately took home a National Title. 

“This team has been special as we have pivoted so much, and it has not been easy,” adds Coach Watson. “They persevered and stuck it out when we had to make hard decisions that were best for the team… it’s hard to trust the process, but you have to as an athlete and a parent.” 

The team plans to stay competitive next year as they continue to build another Bullitt County tradition. 

Is your student interested in trying out for NBC? Cheer tryouts for next season are April 17-19, with an interest meeting set for March 30. Follow @northbullittcheer on Instagram to stay updated!