Superintendent's Student Advisory Team

Here in BCPS, our students matter most – and a part of this commitment to our students is ensuring their voices are heard. As we cultivate an experience for our students, we find it incredibly important to regularly seek out input from the people this experience is affecting. This is why BCPS is excited to see how our Student Advisory Team will make incredible change in our schools. 

“Our students matter most, and we want to make sure they’re able to provide input about the experience they receive as a BCPS student,” states Superintendent Jesse Bacon. “This input will be invaluable as we continue Moving Forward with our strategic planning process.” 

The Student Advisory Team recently had their second meeting, where their work is truly beginning. The first meeting was a great way for these students to get to know each other and work on building their team dynamic; the second meeting allowed them to dig in to the reason they’ve come together. 

At this recent meeting, students learned about the strategic planning process BCPS went through in recent years, and also looked at the Core Values and Aspiration Statements that came out of that work. Students worked together to provide feedback on: 

  • How they see or hear these values at school
  • What steps can be made to make them “come alive” in our schools
  • What they like, wish, and wonder about our chosen aspirations
  • Share thoughts and ideas they had related to these pieces of our district plan

BCPS can’t wait to gain the invaluable feedback our Student Advisory Team has to offer. A special thank you to the students who are representing their schools and furthering the success of our district!