Our Facilities are Moving Forward

On April 20, the Kentucky Board of Education approved BCPS' request related to using alternate funding sources (outside of the general budget) for much-needed updates to some of our facilities district-wide!

So, what does this mean for BCPS moving forward?

  • BCPS will not have to use our general fund dollars to pay for updates to non-curricular structures/spaces (i.e. athletics, infrastructure, visual and performing arts, etc.).
  • This allows BCPS to protect its general fund for items related to student success, staffing, etc., while still giving some of our facilities some long-awaited updates.
  • By May 2022, we hope to have an architect formally selected.
  • For the next 4-6 months after selection, we will begin the complex, multi-staged design phase of this project.
  • By December 2022, we hope to have our final general contractor bids designed and accepted.
  • By Spring/Summer of 2023, construction on these projects should be starting.

In short, this is for the betterment of BCPS, and we are definitely #MovingForward!